Blog Relaunch

July 29, 2014

Welcome to the relaunch of my blog. I have found myself with more time to pursue personal hobbies, so I decided to revamp my blog. Since the launch of my initial blog, technology has been moving steadily forward outpacing what I had learned initially. I took the oppurtunity to re-learn Ruby on Rails and choose Octopress as my blogging platform. I currently don’t have much insight if this was the best solution or not. I took it on as a learning challenge. Considering Octopress is much younger than wordpress, I’m certain I will encounter many frustrations as I go along.

First I wanted to comment on the new title of this blog. “Taking the road less traveled”. Thoughout my life, I felt that I have been an oxymoron of sorts. In high school, I was a member of the marching band and a football player. In college, I was an engineering major and a fraternity brother. I’m a male that loves to play games, but equally enjoys dancing. I know people out there will say thats not that rare or different, but in my youth, I felt I was atypical. It shaped my thought processes, I felt like I was blazing my own path, not conforming to others expectations. This has lead me to different experiences which I hope to never forget and hopefully have a chance to blog about. With every step down the less traveled path, it feels that it leads to more questions and more divergences. I’m always curious about how different individuals make their own decisions. Hoping to understand my own through process through observations of others.

So what to expect for future posts. This blog will meld as time goes along as I find my voice. Initially, the posts will be about my interests and therefore be a random spattering of information regarding technology, travels, life, photography etc. I’m hoping some of the posts will provide some value to netizens in the future when the blog becomes more focused.

Christmas, Feria de Cali, New Years

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Santa Marta

Published on February 14, 2015