Road Trip Day 1

September 03, 2014

On August 10th, I departed Portland, OR to make my way across the country, back to Michigan. The journey was set in motion when my previous employer, Intel, offered a surprising voluntary severance package to my organization, which I took and never looked back. In a latest post, I’ll discuss why I decided to take the plunge. But the situation allowed me to enjoy and explore Portland like I have never before. It was definitely bittersweet leaving the place I called home for the last 10 years. What I will miss the most are all the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting into during my time with Intel.

I invited my sister and my cousin out to join me for the road trip, which they both happily agreed too. I did have some initial reservations about inviting my sister. We did not get along when we were younger. But as we have gotten older, our relationship has been definitely getting better. But this was a good test to see how far our relationship has grown. Unfortunately, there were a couple of contentious periods where we wanted to kill each other. But we made it through safely!

Our first stop was to the Painted Hills. I’ve been meaning to visit this place for awhile, but I never had the opportunity too. What better time to do it while you’re learning the state. For those interested in photographing these amazing hills, the best time appears to be in the evening when the sun is at your back. But we were on somewhat of a time schedule so we didn’t stay for the nice evening glow. The rest of the day was mainly driving to Idaho Falls where we crashed for the night.

I’m a super last minute planner, which helps in some ways but hurts in others. The main advantage is that you are very flexable in terms of where you decide to stay and what you do. The biggest weakness is you need to spend some time around dinner time looking for accommodations, which can be unavailable, or are expensive. Both which came into play later in our road trip. Additionally, you have to be ready not to be able to do something because you did not adequately plan for it. This road trip would have taken a different route, had i known antelope canyon required pre-purchased reservations For those planning a trip to Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, or any Major National Park, I cannot stress enough the importance of adequate early planning. So learn from my mistakes, which I’ll detail in a later post.

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