When we left Yellowstone, we left through the east gate. We didn’t notice much of any stop off points for most of the east entrance road. We stayed in Cody at another roadside motel. It was a bit humorous because the fellow in front of us was complaining that Cody was almost a two hour Drive from Yellowstone. He was also planning his trip fairly last minute like us, but we had the foresight to map out the location prior to booking our stay for the night. We woke up late as per usual of my cousins and we finally made our way towards Michigan. On our drive, we took the scenic route towards the wind caves. We made several stops just to admire the beauty of Mother Nature.

We arrived just in time for one of the tours, so the timing couldn’t have been better. The caves were fairly interesting, in particular the backstory of the kid that found the caves. Just imagine being a high school student exploring miles of underground caves through this small hole with some candle light. The natural entrance Park Ranger at natural entrance to Wind Caves to the caves was a small hole opening, where depending on the barometric pressure, would blow the wind in or out. According to the ranger, not many animals have made the caves their home. I would have imagined bats or mice/rates would have found their way there but apparently not. The wind caves are particularly interesting because of the unique rock formations that are inside. They aren’t as impressive as the stalagmites and stalactites you see in other caves, they looked more like letterboxes in a mailroom. These boxes were formed in a unique way, which was explained by the ranger leading the tour. Basically, if you can imagine a brick wall made out of sugar being built, with mortar binding the bricks. Then water comes in and washes away the sugar, what you have left is what the rock formations inside the wind caves has. Additionally, the cave is the fourth largest in the world with 132 Miles of explored terrain. The caves are compact and winds in onto itself in many places.

After the cave tours, we headed back east towards Michigan again. At this point, we were bumping up against time for my cousin to get to her concert, so we didn’t make any further stops. I would have liked to explore more of the Bad Lands. So we stopped in at Mitchell for the night and resumed our drive in the morning. We got to Chicago fairly late at night, around Bubble Tea at Joy Yee’s 830/9. And we had to stop in for some food in china town. Specifically, we stopped in at Joy Yee’s for their amazing bubble tea drinks. Coincidentally, I missed seeing a friend there whom happened to be there at the same time. After our delicious meal and drink, we decided to try to push the rest of the way home instead of spending another night in a motel somewhere. We rolled into town fairly late, around 2/3am exhausted from the drive.

Christmas, Feria de Cali, New Years

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Published on February 26, 2015

Santa Marta

Published on February 14, 2015