Detroit Heidelberg Project

September 18, 2014

Regina My friend Regina invited me out to explore Detroit while I was visiting home. Some backstory. Regina and I were acquaintances in college but we weren’t really good friends. She was the pseudo third roommate for my friends, Evelyn and Jenny, whom I was better friends with. Regina and I reconnected after college with the help of Stefanie Dioso and Jessica Tang and their yearly Christmas cookie exchange. So in short, I can’t say Regina and I were the closest of friends, but I was still thankful to get invited to explore parts of Detroit I haven’t seen. So first, I met Regina at her home and was greeted by her dog. She initially had to muzzle the dog before I met him, which was setting some internal alarms but I worked through my fears. However, the dog was as nice as could be, I don’t even know why it had to be muzzled in the first place. Though, I did find it odd when the dog decided to stick around me when Regina went upstairs to handle a phone call. It seemed like the dog didn’t want me to go rooming around the house without an escort.

We eventually make our way out, and we had to decide which car to take. Perhaps being naive, I just figured I would leave my car and have Regina Drive me around since she knows the street better. However, Regina did have to tell me about the story about a series of car catalytic converter thefts in the area the past couple of weeks. I Figured most of those thefts will be happening during the middle of the night, so I still decide to leave my car behind. We drove around town for a little while and she gave me a car tour of the various areas, like Midtown, Corktown, and Downtown etc. It was a little slow going because there was a Lions game AND Tigers game going on at the same time. At this point, we still didn’t have a very clear direction, and were mostly just winging it. We decided to head over to Belle Isle and check out the conservatory, but with my luck, it turned out there was a conference going on the island and the portion of Belle Isle we wanted to see was blocked off. That’s when we decided that going to the Heidelberg Project would be best destination to go with the limited time I had.

Heidelberg Though I’m very glad we choose to do the Heidelberg project. It was definitely interesting to see the various urban art works that were presented to the public. There was a little pamphlet that explained a little bit of the project and some of the uses of prevailing artwork. For example, the uses of dots are representative of jelly beans, which was his grandfathers beloved candy and additionally representing the mixture of people. Clocks appeared Heidelberg - Clocks to be a central theme. I wasn’t able to pinpoint a direct source to the artist representation. My interpretation was for the time for change is now. This art project was designed to give the city of Detroit hope in its decline.
Luckily, I feel Detroit has been making a comeback. I personally wouldn’t feel that bad if I ended up back in the area. Also it seems, I may have been a year to late in visiting the location as there have been a couple of homes burned down by arson.

Heidelberg - Phones Heidelberg - Halfway Heidelberg - Horse Riding Heidelberg - TV Heidelberg - War Heidelberg - Flag Heidelberg - Consumerism Heidelberg - Giraffe Heidelberg - Shoes Heidelberg - Butt Heidelberg - Trophies Heidelberg - Tires

We ended the day with some delicious tea at her home before I had to head back home.

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