First week in cali colombia

October 11, 2014

Fly over Colombia In my first week in Cali, Colombia was a bit rough. The airline had lost my luggage (see previous post). I stayed in the Violette Maison The hostel was located in San Antonio district of Cali Colombia. A taxi ride from the airport cost me about 45,000 pesos. Lionel, the hostel owner, informed me the cheaper way to travel was to use the bus. A bus ride between the bus terminal and the airport was only 5000 pesos. And the taxi ride from the back and forth from the hostel was 7000.

Terrace view The hostel is definitely a work in progress. They were going through renovations during my stay. This was not really a problem, but it did mean I was waking up earlier than I would like. The terrace on the rooftop offered some great views.
The volunteers made my stay at the hostel a rememberable one. They were nice and even taught me how to play the italian game briscola. Unfortunately, the internet connection at the hostel was miserable. Even in the common rooms, the internet was not a reliable connection.

Nice Man During my first day, I went around the city to explore and become more familiar with my surroundings. While I was photographing this nice old man stopped and posed for a picture. He then proceeded to come over to give me a hug before continuing on his way. I will say, based on all the rumors of Colombia, I was very weary of even this old man, I thought he was going to put a knife to me and ask for my camera. But this was just the first sign that Colombia isn’t as dangerous as it’s made out to be.

Grafitti After that, I just continued to walk along the central area. The city is covered in grafitti. However, most of the grafitti is nicely done murals which I thoroughly enjoy.

La Ermita Church The city of Cali can be seen in about a day. In the middle of the city there is an impressive gothic church. There’s the Museo del Oro del Banco de la Rep├║blic, which contains a small art exhibit and also a gold and artifact exhibit. I was there with a gringo, and it was interesting to see the little kids being fascinated by him and his Englise. There’s the Christ Statue on top of one of the hills in Cali. From the top you have an awesome view of the city Then there is the awesome food which you can find in Cali. Which can be found in the restaurants and in the markets

Art Exhibit Muesem Gold Exhibit Muesem Cali skyline Cristo Rey Shrimp Stew Market

I enrolled myself into a spanish learning school, Gringo Lingo. I really thought I would pick up the language quickly. But it’s been a long process, and I don’t seem to be making much progress. I still use hostels and travelers as a crutch to use English to express myself. I do hope after a month or two that I will have enough grasp of the language to navigate my way through the countries.

Christmas, Feria de Cali, New Years

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